Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Thanet District Council has informed me that a planning application (F/TH/08/0195) has been made to change the Memorial Recreation Ground in Lawn Road Broadstairs (pic. above) into a car park with the now obligatory "2 metre high steel palisade fence". I don't have any details as although the application can be viewed at the national planning website it will not be posted there for another 5 days so effectively shaving the deadline for objections (17 March) unless I want to troop into the Margate offices.

Having this week driven all the cars from Lawn Road and other nearby roads by introducing parking metre bays as part of the plan to milk every penny from the motorist I suppose it is only logical that TDC has now turned its attention to concreting over the adjacent pretty green swathe that along with Piermont Park is the only recreational space in the town. At present the Memorial Ground is home to the Broadstairs Bowls Club and a few pieces of playground furniture. Mothers and children happily play there, dogs get exercised, ad hoc games of football with jerseys for goalposts take place, kites are flown, seagulls flock etc. How much better to have an eyesore of a car park with all its attendant problems.

On a brighter note, Broadstairs is to hold a "Harbour Market" on Sunday 23 March with a variety of attractions and stalls selling "fancy goods" in addition to the usual local produce. It is hoped that this will become a regular event and for this we have our "Harbour Master" Andy to thank for cutting through the red tape TDC tried to wrap it all up in. There are also fairs on that date at Piermont Hall and at the Pavilion - so come early if you want any chance of free parking somewhere.


Anonymous said...

Shocking. The car park I mean, not the market.

Michael Child said...

I believe the idea is to make it as difficult as possible to park on the street where one lives while turning any leisure facilities into car parks. What a charming little park, perhaps bowls was thought to be to British in these politically correct times, your best bet is to find a rare species of animal whose habitat it is, there is certainly no protection for the ordinary Thanetoneon’s habitat.

Anonymous said...

Still councillors snd staff have their free permit's and contribute nothing. The new carpark should be generate alot of prorest and should be prevented, SHAME on our local Councillors and Council. This is of no benefit to local residents and the Council is being plain greedy for more revenue and they should be saving our heritage!!. And the prison like fencing is now becoming an eyesore in our community.