Sunday, April 1, 2007


Now, where was I or indeed where am I. They've increased the medication but I still have escorted town visits. And here is the news from the front....
THE TART AND FRIGIT.... has drafted in Flamingo Dancers on a Friday night - sandwiched between two sessions from Uncle Carl Fogarty and The Ozark Mountain Contempis it was all a bit disjointed but the senoritas themselves were urgent. (Now under new management, Wurlitzer friendly)
THE IMMORAL.... has had new flooring laid (Underlay! Underlay!) - I know I should get out more, just try telling them! So this exquisite little lily scented High Street winery is even better to slide around in (Dubious to v. good "Jazz", Thursdays; eclectic and powerful selection of electric soup)
HARPIES... is back in full swig. Open late...oh yes...But now with Two Loos (so no trek). Mine gracious hosts Caroline and Dan welcome all during the hours of darkness (NB: advisable take own coffin and homeland earth).
THE I'LL HAVE A HALF NELSON.....This week's free papers have arrived!....Mafeking Relieved...Suez Crisis.... Property Prices Soar.... Man Found Dead in Bus Shelter