Thursday, August 9, 2007


Summer time - and the living is ....well not so bad. Picture (Viking Bay) was actually taken last summer (March 2007) before the winter storms ( July 2007). Main beach packed with people these days - as it should be - best Summer for years I'm told. Number 2 in the recent Guardian poll of posh resorts obviously kick starting economy here.

Smoking do-dah not withstanding, all pubs are looking their best - special mentions in this dispatch from the Front go to:

The Tart and Frigit - Yet newer management, but otherwise life goes on... "Oh and how their life goes on ". Trans-sexual -Flamenco -Karaoke (Now Friday AND Sunday evening). Concessions and OAP discounts available.

Broadstairs's Harbour Master - step forward Andy. With a few more like him we would have been No.1 (Bloody St. Ives indeed!) And well done for securing a boat !

Jim' s Burger Bar on the beach - (The one right in front of the multi costly apartments featured in "The "Times" and next door to the public lavatories) -great food and novel approach to smoking ban. Picture to follow.

Fireworks over the Bay - every Wednesday... for some reason. OOOHHH!!! Where do they all come from?

STOP PRESS: The annual Water Gala has been scheduled by TDC for..... low tide