Thursday, November 15, 2007


Phew! What a Summer. Unfortunately main highlight was unscheduled emergency visit to QEQM where I spent some time in Birchington Ward. And what splendid, unfussy care I received. Many thanks for putting me back together again. I was far luckier than a fellow two beds down who gave up the ghost one morning - chatting and eating right as rain during the day, then "out brief candle".

Did get to Folk Week beforehand -which could perhaps have brought on my "turn". Vague memories of hanging around in inclement weather outside various hostelries, people staying over, digging out old Ten Pole Tudor and Arlo Guthrie records, waking up with hooden horse in bed etc. Probably best left to the young folk next year.
In my absence I see that Harpies, our local nod to 24/7 cafe style drinking is under some threat from, amongst others, the neighbours opposite. As they say, people who live in glass houses shouldn't...I mean they just shouldn't.I like the place and I am sure it makes many more peoplke happy than otherwise. Still, the objectors do have a case as the CCTV image below of last Friday's 2am clearing out shows.