Sunday, January 27, 2008

Nice to see the story about the Culmer's Land fencing has been taken up by other more committed souls - perhaps we have the making of campaign. Maybe we should learn from the Palestinian example, turn up en mass at the fence, picnic on the as yet unspoiled green adjacent, a few glasses of vino and just H-E-A-V-E...

There also seems to be growing grass root feeling that TDC is not delivering a "beautiful" place to live and work in and exasperation at the excuses trolled out for this....("all very difficult in local politics"..."competing priorities.." "...central Government policy/funding" etc...) And yet the fencing was it appears a local decision taken with scant consultation or any environmental impact assessment and for which a large amount of money was readily found. One can hardly blame Mr Geldof for his own somewhat badly articulated view that in Thanet the beauty of nature has to sit side by side with the ugliness man has created. As a tribute to Sir Bob his biggest chart success is to be re- released as "I Don't Like Margate":

The saithe and chips is all you're fed
Washed down with Aftershock
That's why no-one visits anymore
They prefer to stay at home
And Sandy doesn't understand it
He just wants the whole thing sold
And he can see no reasons
'Cos there are no reasons
What reasons do you need to moa-oa-oa- oa-oan?


That is why
I don't like Margate
That is why
I don't like Margate
That is why
I don't like Margate
I wanna bu-ur-ur-ur-ur-urn the whole place down


My 42" screen is kept so clean
Now I speak to the Kentish Weald
With the programmes so cheap
I'll be raking in a heap
And my thoughts'll turn to warmer climes
Apply sunscreen, even Peaches's keen
But it aint neat, opening mouth to change feet
What became of my reason
'Cos there was no reason
What reason did I need to say


Now all the buildings stopped on the Turner flop
The toys have been thrown out of the pram
And the knives are out early and soon I'll be learning
That the meal today is just humble pie
And then my mobile crackles
And the Doctor prattles
(With his problems of hows and whys)
For he can see no reason
'Cos he has no reason
What reason would he have to lie

Chorus (continue ad nauseam)