Thursday, February 28, 2008


Today should see the return of the Scotsman figurehead, fully restored, to his perch on Broadstairs Pier(?jetty/harbour). The figurehead I understand comes from the "Highland Chief" wrecked on the Goodwin Sands in 1869. Officialdom will all be in attendance in full regalia so watch out for the photo-opportunity shots in all local rags. The true story here however is not so much one of a caring heritage conscious council acting to preserve a small piece of our local history but of one man's determination to improve a part of the coast where he was born.
Since returning from an extensive and varied overseas tour of duty Andy our "Harbour Master" has singlehandedly made it his mission to improve the appearance and appeal of the pier/jetty/harbour thing here at Broadstairs. From paying for floral displays outside his "shack" out of his own pocket to setting himself the task of sanding down and painting the pier's superstructure (akin to a paint job on the Forth Bridge) his enthusiasm and obvious love for the place of his birth are a shining example of civic pride in action. It was Andy who noticed the need for urgent restoration of the figurehead and who was largely responsible for arranging for the skilled remedial work. As I mentioned in my last post, it was also Andy who pushed through the plans for our first new "Harbour Market" to be held on 23 March. I do hope other Thanet Bloggers could be persuaded to spread the word about this and perhaps find time to pop down and visit.
Oh yes, and Andy has reminded me to say his is a pint of Master Brew.