Friday, February 23, 2007


This little boozer is so good that the image above has been digitally remastered to render its name and location particularly obscure. Aficionados and serious good time seekers will of course be able to recognise all the locations which I would like to single for particular praise for making my resettlement in Broadstairs so welcoming. Others will just have to "rootum" out.
General: Enjoying a new lease of life under a new Anglo/American partnership, this is a no nonsense back streets haven of all things essential for a really fine pub. Real open fire, large long well stocked bar, boarded floors, high ceilings, dedicated seating and games areas, regular music (both live and respectfully streamed) and most important of all very welcoming hosts and bar staff. Rated 5 stars by CARP (Campaign for Real Pubs).
Beers: Shepherd Neame - don't touch the stuff myself - but Shaun pours the best pint of Guinness in town.
Food: Never eaten there and not seen food - but does not mean not available. My view is you go to a restaurant or cafe to eat.
Specialities: Snuff and pickled eggs (available separately)
Music: The pub is large enough to do justice to the many excellent local blues/rock combos that perform here (Saturdays and Thursdays) and at such times the place really comes into its own. At other quiet times one can be gazing reflectively at the burning logs in the open hearth and have the strains or an early Dylan or half remembered Neil Young song transport you back to happier days.
Loos: Clean and well maintained as is the rest of this refreshingly honest place
Clientele: Salt of the earth and seas
Outside : I understand there are plans to develop a patio area but at present the exterior is dominated by a large and seemingly endless hole which allegedly has something to do with bringing the new fangled gas lighting to the town. Watch out on way home!
Overall Mouse Rating :10/10 - Jolly well done and thanks to Tom and Jenny at the Wrotham Arms (Blast! - given the game away!)