Friday, January 12, 2007

When I was One I had Just Begun

It's my new birthday this weekend. That is to say that it is the anniversary of the DOB that appears in my new papers. My Minders say I should put the past behind me (as if there was anywhere else to put it) but I couldn't but feel a tinge of regret as the actual anniversary of my entry into this veil of tears passed unceremoniously recently. At least I am still a Capricorn ("serious minded, extremely hard working, patient, careful, humorous; prone to colds and knee problems in later life") as I would be hard put to swing it as, say, a Leo ("brave, generous, born entertainer; high risk heart disease and eye problems"). As with any lie, it is always best to keep as close as possible to the truth or at least a plausible version of it.

Still, it all depends on what is in the 'bin' at the Passport Office at the time. So I have gained two years courtesy presumably of some other poor old goat who had a terminal knee condition. But I do get a visit from one of the few people whom I previously knew in my former life. She is being flown into a local airport and of course I wouldn't give the details of what's planned even if I was privy to them but I can't wait to see how sexy she will look in her Hijab.