Friday, January 12, 2007

When I was One I had Just Begun

It's my new birthday this weekend. That is to say that it is the anniversary of the DOB that appears in my new papers. My Minders say I should put the past behind me (as if there was anywhere else to put it) but I couldn't but feel a tinge of regret as the actual anniversary of my entry into this veil of tears passed unceremoniously recently. At least I am still a Capricorn ("serious minded, extremely hard working, patient, careful, humorous; prone to colds and knee problems in later life") as I would be hard put to swing it as, say, a Leo ("brave, generous, born entertainer; high risk heart disease and eye problems"). As with any lie, it is always best to keep as close as possible to the truth or at least a plausible version of it.

Still, it all depends on what is in the 'bin' at the Passport Office at the time. So I have gained two years courtesy presumably of some other poor old goat who had a terminal knee condition. But I do get a visit from one of the few people whom I previously knew in my former life. She is being flown into a local airport and of course I wouldn't give the details of what's planned even if I was privy to them but I can't wait to see how sexy she will look in her Hijab.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!

Justin Brown said...

You have two birthdays?
I thought it was only Queens that did that!
Well then, welcome to the club Bleaky!

ps. Interestingly enough, your word verication for this comment was an anagram of 'KY AND POO'. How odd!

Bleak Mouse said...

Since you have been kind enough to comment Justin I have added you to my links mouseholes. Must have been an oversight. Certainly nothing to do with the fact that under the proposed Sexual Orientation Regulations failure to do so will in future be punishable by six months soap retrieval in Her Majesty's showers.

Justin Brown said...

That wouldn't be the proposed Sexual Orientation Regulations Edict, Added Revisions, Second Edition, acronymously known as S.O.R.E.A.R.S.E. by any chance, would it?