Friday, February 8, 2008


With so much to get annoyed about on local issues it is easy to forget perspective but....the other day in a local pub my attention was caught by a jolly family celebration going on. Central to proceedings was a young boy who looked to be of barely legal age given the witching hour. "Young Lad's birthday?" I enquired of my compannion (a former SM and veteran of three Gulf tours). "No. The lad's joined up and is off for his training tomorrow" "And then?" "Iraq or Afghanistan I'd expect". God help him. God help them all. And may God forgive us for leaving them there.

Today's the day our younger son

Is going off to war

Fightin' in the age old battle We've sometimes won before

Flags that line old main street

Are blowin' in the wind

These must be the flags of freedom flyin' (Neil Young)

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