Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Walking The Plank

With Summer just around the corner (or possibly in anticipation of a Somme like Bank Holiday weekend) Viking Bay in Broadstairs now has several yards of duckboard with polite passing bays at regular intervals. Designed no doubt to facilitate wheelchair and Isuzu 4x4 Buggy access it runs from the tea hut/concrete chalet complex to...er... the steps at the harbour next to the public conveniences. Presumably the more sensible option of continuing it to the harbour slipway was rejected because of other interests/concerns but you never know here. It certainly makes the journey from the Tart and Frigit to the sands carrying six pints of Bulmers chilled apple juice a lot easier.

And continuing my personal if somewhat misleading tribute to the most welcoming haunts in the town a good opportunity here to plug: NO. 8 - The Sasha Distel Coffee and Cake Emporium. This delightful Italian parlour is spotlessly kept by the charming ladies who dish out very good coffee and an art gallery assortment of cholesterol soaked confections to the strains of the late French crooner and other contemporary songsmiths. Not usually my cup of tea but on a quiet morning with the sun sparkling on an azure sea containing a solitary sailboat on the horizon it is easy to drift off into a Mediterranean reverie ZZZzzzzz.........

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Eastcliff Richard said...

How quaint. Like everything in Boredstares the boardwalk is teeny-tiny too!