Sunday, February 4, 2007


Just as I have it in mind to post some appreciative lines on my favourite places in town as a way of paying back some of the warm welcome I have received a local rag "Thanet Madscene" goes and steals my thunder. Still, there is more than one view of things as the blurred image above demonstrates. So....and in line with the anonymouse policy employed here...

No. 32 - "The Old Contact Mine and Kiosk"

General: Picturesque pub and seafood restaurant with excellent views over (occasionally pongy) harbour. Thorley Tavern (Master Brew, IPA, usual amber fizz). Pool table, darts, good (but strangely muted) Wurlitzer, smallish open plan bars with 3 distinct areas (locals, pewters,visitors); friendly helpful bar staff; excellent food (bar snacks 12-2pm, restaurant check and book early!). Loos; adequate.

Ambiance: Dark Eyed Sailor/Wild Rover; Haunted

Clientele: Upwardly mobile (usually to superb restaurant)

Music: Friday night; usually good local talent (Flamenco dancing coming soon!)

Overall Mouse rating 10/10 - Jolly good. I thank you.

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Eastcliff Richard said...

I'd knock a couple of points off for the whiff and also the fact that it's part of a chain, but other than that I cannae fault your review Moosie old boy.