Tuesday, January 2, 2007

A Blog Is Not Just For Christmas

About all I got for Christmas was the idea for this blog. Still, I suppose it shows that my recent relocation to sunny Broadstairs under the Jehovah's Witness Protection Programme works. It's been under the Christmas tree for quite a while unwrapped whilst I considered the pro and cons of owning a blog. The cons appear to be:

  • It will need regular if not daily walking
  • Me and IT don't naturally "click" (as will doubtless become apparent)
  • There are already a good number of well written and amusing Thanet based sites
  • I already talk to myself as much as I need to (Too Bloody right mate I say)

But I am persuaded by the pros:

  • It wont cost much or need to be fed (other perhaps than the occasional slice of Humble Pie)
  • It might improve the old IT skills a little
  • I am not aware of a Broadstairs based diary style blog (although of course there are some excellent sites, particularly Stella -Maris
  • My minders visited for New Year and said I needed to get out of the panic room more.

To end this test transmission I would like to record my heartfelt thanks to the denizens of this charming town who have so warmly, if unwittingly, welcomed me to my new home. I have a long association with the town and trust that nothing I enter here will give rise to any offence (Fat chance mate!)


Justin Brown said...

You should see some of the scuff-marks on MY skirting (on the odd occasion that I wear one)!

thanetbloglist said...

Congratulations. You have been added to the Thanet Blog List.

Good Luck.

P.S. If you could add a link we'd be very grateful...

Frenchie said...

Welcome to Thanet! I discovered your blog because i was searching for a Jehovahs Witness in Thanet (Owes me a lot of cash the theif!).
I can add a link Thanetbloglist...

www.piratechurch.net All about John Handley a local JW...